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Review: Finding Home – Apathetic Critic


Why yes, they are still in high school. I imagine in the coming months, many people will be asking how Avery Black, Parker Munson, and Jeremy Head, three high school students, have managed to create one of the best albums to come out of the underground Michigan music scene. Talent, determination, and a lot of hard work are clearly their secrets to success, and all the work they’ve put into Finding Home make it well worth the wait.

The album opens up softly with the sounds of Black plugging in his guitar and the trio opening the studio, but from the first riff, the album starts a journey for the listener that is all the while diverse and passionate. The first two songs are a fast paced blitz led by alternating vocals and harmonies between Munson and Black, who both have found where they fit comfortably vocally after playing together for a few years. By the third song, the band¬† throttles back and lets Head lead the way with smooth bass grooves in “No Idea.” The disc opens with these three songs that showcase how the band can go from a happy jam session, to a raw and angry emotional trip, to a smooth and heartfelt slowdown. The band uses all of these on the rest of album, effectively mixing elements of rock, punk, indie, and blues that sounds reminiscent of bands like Manchester Orchestra, Brand New,¬† and the Hard Lessons.

One of the highlights on the album is the second song, “Dig Your Grave,” which is probably the darkest and heaviest song on the album. Munson showcases his talent by really letting loose on the drums and pulling out all the emotion he has into him as he belts from behind his drum set. It is one of the most honest vocal performances I’ve heard in a long time. Aside from that, another track to play very close attention to is the title track, “Finding Home,” a six and half minute exploration of where home exactly is and what it means. It truly showcases just how far the band has come on a personal and music level. The lyrics show an astounding level of maturity, especially for musicians so young.

Finding Home is something that is truly remarkable. There are musicians that have been playing for years that have not been able to impress me as much as what this three-piece has put together. This album will definitely be getting a lot of plays for a long time and I hope it does for all of you. Make sure you pick it up the first chance you get. They album officially releases next Friday, 11/13, and you can get a copy with admission to their CD release show. Check out their Myspace for more information.

The Bottom Line: Buy it.